Important Moving

How to move the smart way?

Moving is not an easy business and it’s as challenging as it gets. No matter you are selling your property due to home repossession, to move out of it or you have just bought a property and you are just moving in, this is a real hassle and it’s always much more stressful and demanding then you would think it would be. Therefore we though to come up with a couple of tips on making moving as stress free as possible for you.

What you need before moving:

  • 1. Make a checklist and always pack smaller portions every day

Do a weekly schedule and pack accordingly. It has no use to pack like a madman ( or woman) one or two days before the moving, then you end up losing tons of things, which you have forgotten to pack all in all.

  • 2. Go from room to room

Pack methodically, so that you make sure nothing gets lost during moving. Write the name of the room or a number you come up with that signifies that exact room. This way, all the boxes with the same name/numbering will be automatically carried in that very room. This saves you tons of efforts during moving.

  • 3. Pack according to types of goods

Pack books together, pack cutlery and cookware together. Pack all the cosmetics together and go from room to room, to enlist the sort of room and the sort of goods. Do not ever forget to put a note on the box so that you later know what’s in them.

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  • 4. Pack your garments in litter bags

You will see how much easier they are to carry around and unpacking will also go pretty easily with these.

  • 5. Declutter a lot before you pack

To realize packing half of things which are around is practically worthless is pretty bad. Therefore don’t even dedicate that much time on packing what you don’t need. Try to get rid of as much litter, garbage and clutter as you can. And remember, old and used furniture can be clutter too

  • 6. Arrange time with a moving company well in advance

And if possible don’t choose a weekend day, as all the moving companies are very busy during weekends for exactly this reason. Try with a weekday and check on the moving company real well, especially concerning their overall reputation and their conditions. Some companies exclude everything from carrying which is not packed in a box for example. Others will not help you to get the boxes and furniture where you would like them to be, unless you pay an extra for them.

  • 7. Get the help of friends

Friends count so much when it comes to moving, because they can help, they destress you and they can also save you tons of money even if they only help with the boxes.