increase the kerb appeal of home before
selling it

How to increase the kerb appeal of home before selling it?

There are tons of ways to make your home more valuable without you having to spend tons of money on it before selling. Here are a couple of smart ways to increase the kerb appeal of your property to sell it for a better price

  • 1.) Investing a lot doesn’t always pay off

You can invest in getting a real good kitchen or to give your home a fresh layer of paint. It’s also best to make sure all the necessary repairs are done, but don’t get into anything larger such as rebuilding your home before selling it, because it may not pay off. It’s also advised to ask the opinion of a real estate broker. If you have a basement which can be recreated into becoming a separate apartment for rental that may add a lot to the value of your property, but always be aware of the costs. Only start up with something bigger if the result is guaranteed.

  • 2.) Repaint

If your walls have a very defining color it’s best to give the home a repaint to a neutral white or beige. This is important because the home will be renovated after selling and the buyer will need to see it as their own future property and be able to make plans. It’s way harder to do so, with home which have pre-defined colors.

  • 3.) Pack out as much stuff as possible

It’s not only the fact that you will need to move, therefore you need to make sure things are packed or stored somewhere safe until the time arrives, but it’s best to make as much space as possible in your home, to make it as spacious as possible. Try to get rid of everything that obviously looks too used, too old or too out of place. Invest in a few lamps to help the lighting wherever necessary.

  • 4.) Declutter

Serious decluttering should be a must-do for everyone at least once a year, no matter you sell your property or not. It has a serious cleaning effect for the whole home and it will also make moving way easier.

  • 5.) Call the cleaners

Have everything cleaned professionally. This includes the windows, ceilings, tiling because every little detail counts for those who are to check on your home. That’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

  • 6.) Remove most of the personal stuff

You will soon be moving so all the personal stuff which defines you should be removed or put away for the moving.

  • 7.) Check out your garden or yard

All gardens or yards should be tended to, decorated with a nice seating set or anything which makes it more charming as gardens and all outdoor spaces have a magical effect on the value of a home, so make sure you do your best for your outdoors to look its best.

These were some of our key tips on how to sell your home for a better price and these can also be used to make your fast sale home project all the more successful too.